Gorgeous and bountiful gardens don’t happen overnight. Even with all of our hard work, it’s no surprise that Mother Nature plays a huge role in keeping our garden producing. Pollinators have a big part in Mother Nature’s plan and we at Hinkle strive be part of helping this plan come to fruition. Employees from our Paris location joined in the effort of pulling weeds and mulching our garden to keep it performing at its peak potential! For 2020, we hope to get this project certified per the Wildlife Habitat Council.
On Friday, April 27th, a group of Hinkle employees gathered at the Bourbon Limestone quarry to build a Pollinator Garden near the entrance of the site. The garden consists of shrubs and flowers selected to nourish and encourage local pollinators. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and hummingbirds are essential to the health and well-being of the local ecosystem. In addition, adding a pollinator garden to our quarry helps to beautify the entrance for everyone who visits the site.Donnie Spencer, Area Operations Manager, and Donald Lawson, Bourbon Limestone Foreman, led the efforts on this project. Also participating were Bourbon Limestone employees Tami Whalen, Joseph Crouse and Monte Earlywine as well as Willie Adkins and Cameron Garrett of the Sales Department.