We see opportunity around every corner to help build your community.

Hinkle is a vertically integrated materials company that produces aggregates, asphalt, and offers paving.  These types of products and services touch almost every aspect of your daily life, from the roads you drive to work to the cell phone you use to call home.

  • Sourced from the highest quality sites.
  • Efficient production for consistency and strength.
  • Integrated product offering to our customers.

Our Materials


Aggregates are the building blocks of our nation’s construction industry. These natural resources are the foundation of products and services that develop our public and private infrastructure. The aggregate materials are sourced from our quarries, and are the key materials in production of asphalt, concrete and cement. We stand behind the process and quality from rock to road.


Asphalt is one of the most common roadway materials used today; approximately 94 percent of our nation's roads are paved with asphalt. It is formed by the combination of aggregates and liquid asphalt. Asphalt is 100 percent renewable and the U.S. alone recycles nearly 60 million tons of asphalt each year.

Paving Construction

Paving is the final stage of Hinkle's vertically integrated product offering. Our companies perform quality work that complements our materials by providing a downstream outlet to distribute these products. Our skilled labor force and quality service offering provide a one stop shop to our customers.


Ready-mix is a highly versatile construction material that can be used to make everything from curbs to kitchen counters. Its flexible recipe characteristics allow for an end product that can assume almost any color, shape, texture and strength. Ready-mix concrete can be customized to suit your needs.

Our Process.

Site Planning

A site is chosen to be sustainable throughout and beyond extraction. Before the first stone is removed, we are already planning for the lifecycle of the site.

Safe Extraction

We partner with our neighbors and our legislators to work responsibly in our environment throughout the extraction process.

Site Repurposing

As the last stone is removed, a site’s lifecycle progresses as it continues to provide communities with varying types of future development.