Mission Statement

Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC will be a provider of quality construction materials and services in Kentucky and the Southeast.  The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, and to the growth, development and safety of its employees.


Become the premier construction materials and asphalt paving firm in our market and become the premier Company within Summit Materials.


Integrity – Commitment and adherence to honesty and moral values

Excellence – Commitment to always strive to meet the highest standard

Teamwork – Doing my part by setting aside personal gain for the good of the whole

Empowerment – Granting teams and employees the authority and resources to execute

Accountability – Fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments



 To consistently provide construction materials and services which meet and/or exceed the customers’ expectations

 Customer  Satisfaction

To form an alliance with our customers by providing the solutions to their construction needs through superior products and services

 Employee Empowerment

To create an environment which allows employees to provide input and make decisions on the job which insure greater customer satisfaction and uphold quality of products and services


To prevent accidents by exercising caution and following safe practices while maximizing efficiency, thus assuring a safe and productive workplace


 To produce quality materials and provide construction services in the most efficient and professional manner

 Employee Development

To provide an environment through continuous education and training, whereby every employee has an equal opportunity to advance professionally and personally


To expand within the most profitable fields of expertise while providing professional opportunities for the Company

 Financial Performance

To achieve a level of financial performance that will ensure steady, consistent growth each year, which in turn will provide a favorable return to shareholders, competitive prices to customers and provide security and well-paying jobs for employees

 Community Commitment

To promote involvement by the Company and its employees for the enrichment of the communities in which we work and live


To recognize the value and importance that our equipment provides to the achievement of our success and to encourage the employees’ sense of responsibility to maintain and treat it accordingly