Due to the recent rise and volatility in fuel prices Hinkle Contracting will begin applying a fuel surcharge to stone delivered to our customers. This surcharge is being collected for our truckers and will allow us to continue to provide delivery services regardless of the price of fuel.

Haul rates quoted are based on an On-Highway Diesel Fuel price of $3.35 per gallon and a surcharge will be added and adjusted monthly by 2% for every $0.20 change in the price of fuel. The governing fuel price will be the Midwest Region (PADD 2) price as represented on the U.S. Energy Information Administration website (www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel). The fuel surcharge will be calculated on the first business day of the month based on the last weekly update published for the previous month.

FOR EXAMPLE: Assuming the final published fuel price this month is $3.57 per gallon, the surcharge next month will be 2%. If you were quoted a $4.00 per ton haul rate, the surcharge added will be 2% of that $4.00 or $0.08 per ton.

The following table illustrates the fuel surcharge program.